Search Process Methodology

Kenneth, Nicholas, & Associates Search Process

  • Needs Analysis: Acquire information to promote job opportunity and company to prospective candidates. Obtain detailed summation of client’s hiring criteria, which will include: experience and competencies required for success.
  • Search/Research Strategy: Research agreed upon target companies and other firms that would have candidates appropriate for opportunity. Analyze candidate sourcing activities from previous searches conducted in same industry sector. Research/network with candidates in database.
  • Initiate Search: Execute multi-faceted search strategy. Consists of targeted cold recruiting, database contacts, candidate sourcing from past search activities, social media vehicles and selective job-site advertising. When executing calls, develop a consultative relationship with candidate by effectively selling the features and benefits of the company and job opportunity, thereby creating strong interest with qualified candidates.
  • Develop Diversified Interview Questions: From client’s list of critical skills/competences desired in the ideal candidate, develop a comprehensive list of strategic questions. These questions will be used by search firm to effectively assess all candidates and will serve as the primary basis for developing candidate summaries that will be sent to client for each presented candidate.
  • After Client Interviews 1st Candidate: Receive feedback from client and make adjustments to search criteria and candidate specifications in order to improve submission of future candidates.
  • Execute Multiple Phone Screens: This process results in the evaluation of 8 to 10 candidates whose experience aligns closely with client’s hiring requirements. From this list, refer 3 to 4 candidates that clearly possess the experience, competencies, and level of achievement client desires.
  • Candidate Submittals: Provide a detailed write-up on each candidate, emphasizing candidate’s job history, qualifications, and analysis of specific behaviors candidate has displayed which meets the job requirements.
  • Client Updates: At 2 week intervals, schedule client feed-back sessions to review progress of search, reactions of candidates, issues encountered, etc. During this time, search firm may suggest modifications with the client in order to enhance the success of the search.
  • Client Offer: We coach and counsel client on: the best method to deliver an offer and provide guidance regarding the offer package that will motivate an acceptance by the candidate.
  • Counter Offer Preparation: Once an offer is made and accepted, search firm will execute a multi-step process to educate candidate about the perils of a “counter offer”. This will consist of a phone conversation, followed by a detailed letter sent out prior to candidate’s resignation.
  • Candidate Follow-Up: After candidate has been on job for 4 weeks and 8 weeks, search firm will contact candidate and take an inventory of his/her adjustment process. If necessary, this information will advise client on the development of a plan to ensure a successful on-boarding process.