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Meet Our Team

Natalie Gorski
Natalie Gorski

Natalie Gorski has been with Kenneth, Nicholas & Associates for a little over seven years.

She is passionate about helping people navigate through their career, serving as a mentor throughout the candidate's interview process and professional journey.

Being able to impact peoples lives in a way that they will never forget is what keeps Natalie energized and excited to do what she does each and every day.

Natalie specializes in the recruitment and evaluation of mid-management to executive level talent across all of the KNA disciplines: Human Resources, Sales/Marketing, Accounting/Finance, and Analytics/Insights.

Natalie went to school to be a teacher, so the process of coaching and training comes naturally and is a critical part of her client support.

Kenneth Robert Gorski
Kenneth Robert Gorski

Kenneth Robert Gorski has been working at Kenneth, Nicholas & Associates for eleven years.

Kenneth’s passion for talent acquisition stems from the satisfaction of connecting the right person to the right opportunity. He is very passionate about guiding his candidates towards their goals and career aspirations.

Kenneth enjoys serving as a true business partner to his clients, helping them to understand the market, so to best direct their individualized search.

Kenneth’s recruitment focus has been in long-term care healthcare, human resources, and sales/marketing recruiting. On the side, Kenneth is also involved in graphic design and electronic music production.

Ken Gorski
Ken Gorski

Ken Gorski is the one that brought process, expertise, and life to Kenneth, Nicholas & Associates in 1981.

With 40+ years of talent acquisition and management experience, Ken used his strengths in sales, coaching, and development to not only establish himself in the Chicago Market, but to provide executive search services nationwide across a variety of disciplines and industries.

Ken’s success has been a factor of his passion, dedication, and persistence in everything he pursues from client engagements, to candidate consultation, career guidance, and business development.

While he wouldn’t say this himself, Ken Gorski is one of the most life changing, committed, and reputable recruiters in the industry.