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Types of Positions We Source

Kenneth, Nicholas & Associates recruits, evaluates, and places talent spanning Mid-Management through Vice President level. Our search bandwidth includes multiple functions including: Sales/Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting/Finance, IT, Manufacturing, and Cross-Functional Analytics/Insights Talent.

Kenneth, Nicholas & Associates

Diversity & Inclusion

For years, Kenneth, Nicholas & Associates has worked with clients supporting their diversity and inclusion objectives. It has resulted in helping clients recruit and hire.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Specialists/Consultants
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • VP's and Chief Diversity Officers

Requisition Acquisition Process

When you engage Kenneth, Nicholas & Associates, we want to make sure that we are representing your company, your opportunity, and you in the best way possible.

Before any recruitment or research, we will set up a meeting with the Staffing Representative assigned to the job and the Hiring Manager.

The Staffing Representative, Hiring Manager, and Kenneth, Nicholas & Associates will collaborate on the essential elements of the job, specifications, and ideal candidate experience. It enables the key members of the search to vocalize their respective needs and objectives.

Information Provided When Presenting Candidates

This will include a summation of the candidate's interpersonal skills, key technical/business competencies, and we will also showcase examples of the candidate's experience that aligns with the hiring criteria, in addition to compensation expectations from the candidate.